About last night

Last night was crazy! I was getting new member notifications faster than I could read them, we are at nearly 80 members now. Also I checked the bandwidth usage from yesterday and it was huge: 9.71 GB. Of course, I had to do some extra figuring; it seems that about 96.2% of that was video being streamed. Moreover my average video encode is 0.957 MB/minute for the chapter 3 material you are studying. This means that as a combined mass y'all watched 9760 minutes of video yesterday. That is the equivalent of 6.7 days of instruction!

It's important to me that the content here is and remains free of charge to all who are interested in mastering engineering. But I do spend a lot of time and effort generating what goes on this website, and I can only do that through donations and paid tutoring. So if you've benefited from the site, please consider donating!

Keep up the studies. Good luck on the exam tonight!

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