Chapter 3 update coming soon!!


I'm taking a little break from editing the Chapter 3 solutions to say how happy I am that so many of you have joined (38 joined in the last 10 days)! I'm hoping you are finding this site to be a useful study tool as you prepare for the first exam. Remember that watching me solve these problems is only a guide and that in order to succeed you will have to work problems on your own too.

I want to invite you all to leave your comments, give me some feedback as I go about developing the rest of the solutions for this book. Also please point out errors when you find them! When possible I will correct them.

I also want you to know that this site is completely funded by donations. I've paid for the first year of hosting and I've committed myself to spend a bunch of time solving, recording, and editing the content herein. If you are finding it useful consider making a donation.

Anywho. Back to work with me. Good studies!

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