Chapter 5 Initial Posting

Howdy all,

I just posted the first set of chapter 5 problems, due to time restrictions I have worked a selection of 24 problems that should cover all of the material for exam 5. If I have missed any of the suggested homework problems let me know and I'll try to get those posted before the exam! I'll be choosing another selection from the latter half of the chapter to cover the final exam material as well.

Membership is over 130 now, and y'all streamed an astounding 14.48 GB of video from the site on Wednesday the 29th alone! (There was a significant loss of interest by Friday when there was only 720 MB of bandwidth usage.) I know that you're watching them; I hope that they are helping you understand dynamics more fully and easily.

It's important to me that the content here is and remains free of charge to all who are interested in mastering engineering. But I do spend a lot of time and effort generating what goes on this website, and I can only do that through donations and paid tutoring. So if you've benefited from the site, please consider donating!

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