Quick update

Howdy all!

First off, I want to thank those of you who have made donations, it means a lot to me that you are finding the content useful!

Secondly, I'm happy to say that we are up to 115 members (it went up to 116 while writing this post)! I'm not sure how many students are enrolled in 363 this semester, but I would imagine there are about 140 seats.  Anybody have that information?

I'm working on the chapter 4 content as quickly as my schedule allows, but I've been doing a lot of online tutoring the last two weeks and am a little behind my schedule for the new content, and I may be doing a bit of a staggered release. Check back often.

Lastly, I'm considering taking a trip back to College Station prior to exam 4 to hold a live question and answer session, let me know what you think!

PS. Firefox doesn't natively support the encoding I use for the content on this site (instead the server renders it to flash which sucks), however Chrome handles it great. So, to experience the best possible quality of content consider using Chrome!

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