Dynamics and Vibrations Solutions



I hope you came here for some rootin-tootin dynamics and vibrations help, because that is 99.9% of what you'll find here. The remainder is my wit.

Jump in by choosing your textbook (after logging in with a google account). I haven't been able to cross-reference all the problems from the 10th edition to the 11th, so if you can't find a solution for a problem in the 11th edition, look for it in the 10th edition and leave a comment to indicate which problem it is the 11th edition!

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I hope you find this useful.

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I had a lot of fun streaming homework help sessions and exam reviews last semester and I want to keep it going and expand! I want to continue a weekly stream for MEEN 364, and I want to start doing a periodic exam review stream for MEEN 363. Follow me (and sub!) for my streams! Join my discord to suggest streams and help me stay current with your course.

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