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  1. In the very last step when you are solving for the x(t) for all three velocities, which equation are using to find the qdot1(0) and qdot2(0)? It doesn't show which equation you are using to get these initial velocities.

    1. (Sorry for not responding to this earlier, I just saw it today.) I'm not certain that my work is correct, but I'm confident it in. What did you get for the coefficient of cosine?

  2. at 7:45 in the video when you take the determinant of that matrix you get Lambda 1 = 0, and Lambda 2 = 100, not Lambda 2 = 300. If all you have to do is take the determinant and solve for lambda at that part then i am pretty confident that what i got is correct, but if i am missing a step then please let me know

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