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  1. Which part of the problem represents parts d), e) and f)?

    Part d) is the uncoupled modal equations of motion and the transformation from modal to physical coordinates
    Part e) obtain the modal - coordinate time response solutions
    part f) obtain physical - coordinate time response solutions

    Part d) is what you did at the end here (I think) with solving for theta1(t) and theta2(t). Thanks for your help.

    1. Part d) begins at about 11:38 and runs until 13:32 (the transformation from modal to physical is A^\star Q = X which I present at 18:10)

      Part e) 13:34-18:01

      Part f) 18:01-end.

  2. When trying to find the modal mass matrix, what did you use as your values in your M matrix? I've tried multiple different possibilities and none have worked out for me or given me your answer.


      1. How did you derive the M matrix when using the lengths? It doesn't seem to match up. For value a11, shouldn't it be (m1+m2)l2^2? So (0.5kg+0.25kg)(0.1m)^2?

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