Dynamics and Vibrations Solutions


Cost Analysis

The $1300 per year figure on the front page is based on the following real and forecast data.

This site is delivered by a Kubernetes Cluster hosted by AWS. The static files (e.g. the videos) are served from an S3 bucket. Where possible I purchase reservations to cover the resource usage within AWS; this helps to minimize the price. For simplicity I use AWS services where possible so that all resources can be managed from a single place; as such small items cost slightly more than they might when purchased from a service dedicated to that offering. For example, domain registration (paying for and claiming the tutorpaul.com address) might only cost $9 per year when purchased from the cheapest source; registration through AWS Route 53 costs $12 per year.

Savvy readers will note that this site is quite small for a Kubernetes cluster; they're right. I use Kubernetes because I like it, and I use the excess capacity on the cluster for other projects. This site is the long pole in the tent—the cluster primarily exists to deliver tutorpaul.com. The costs in the table below that represent potentially shared resources are marked.

Provider Service Terms Cost Annual Price Notes
AWS Route 53 Annual + Monthly $12 + $1/month $24.00 Domain registration + DNS for tutorpaul.com
AWS S3 It's complicated Transfer: ~150 GB monthly = $5 $60 File storage and transfer. Cost estimated based upon past usage.
AWS EKS Hourly $0.10/hr = ~$74/month $888 Kubernetes Cluster management. Shared resource.
AWS RDS 3 Year $224 $74.67 Managed database service; three year reservation for instance.
AWS EC2 3 Year $822 $274.00 Compute power for cluster. Shared resource.
Total $1320.67 Annually, with 3 year reservations

The costs on the table above are a snapshot in time. The cost of compute resources is variable. This page will be updated whenever new reservations are purchased to reflect a reasonably current price; or whenever I notice a problem in the accounting.