Online Tutoring

Regretfully, I am no longer doing online tutoring. Sorry.

When you think of tutoring you might visualize driving to a coffee shop, office park, or campus location to sit face to face with your tutor while you discuss the materials. Wouldn't it be nice to enhance your education through tutoring from the comfort of your own home?

Online tutoring is an effective model which brings together the best elements of traditional tutoring, and sidesteps the frustrating issues that we commonly associate with leaving the house.

Meetings with me online are similar to a standard video-chat (think Skype) you will be able to  hear my voice and see my face. The difference is you can also see my paper as I work out problems. After the session I'll email you all of the notes written during the session.

Contact me to schedule an appointment!


  • A computer with Internet access, microphone, and webcam (only necessary if you want me to be able to see you).
  • A Google+ account. See the video below if you don't have one of these
  • The Google+ Hangouts plug-in installed on your computer.


My rate for online tutoring is $50 per hour, payable through PayPal. If you want to schedule a recurring meeting (say every week) and you prepay for 5 sessions the rate is $45 per hour. For groups the rate is $30 per person per hour.

Connecting to TutorPaul:

Watch this brief video walking through the steps required to connect with TutorPaul

Install the Google+ Hangouts plug-in.

Tutoring for Statics, Dynamics, and Controls courses at Texas A&M