Trouble logging in and new communication alternative


I've just learned that many of you were having issues logging in for quite some time now! I'm deeply sorry that A) this outage happened, and B) that it took me more than two months to find out about it. As it turns out I hate email, and I have more than enough of them to deal with at work; it isn't a great excuse but it is my justification for being neglectful of my responsibility to my students. My apologies.

At around the time that the first reports from students came it I was notified by my hosting company that the site was being attacked by "malicious bots", and that they had taken some measures to protect the site and its users. It is possible that they inadvertently blocked access for all of you as well. I have been able to log in both as myself and as a test user, so at this point I'm pretty sure that the issue has passed.

Obviously cannot guarantee 100% uptime for this site, but I would like to do better at knowing when issues and outages creep up. In order to streamline communication, and to hopefully build a strong community of current and former dynamics students which might be willing to help their peers (in the spirit of this site) I've set up a Discord server! Join us: (for the uninitiated, Discord is an online chat platform targeted toward gaming, but it is pretty excellent for anything).

On a more technical note, this site uses WordPress which is basically a steaming pile at this point. I chose WordPress because I needed something that could be set up with relative ease and it is what I had worked with. Moreover, having spent such a tremendous amount of effort producing the content left me with little will to learn or build a different system. For some time now I've wanted to redo this site in Django (and change my hosting provider). This is a call for any developers and/or designers (or would-be developers and/or designers) who might be interested in contributing to a rebuild [take notice: having a real-world project with actual users generally supersedes GPA considerations in interviews].

CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 Trouble logging in and new communication alternative by Paul is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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