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Hello students, I'm glad that you are finding your way to my site! I hope that you find it useful in the coming semester.

Please note that when I recorded these solutions the textbook was in its tenth edition. Some students have asked if I'm planning to update the site now that the eleventh edition is out. The answer is no, the reasons for this choice are first practical and second financial.

First the practical; the problems of the eleventh edition are mostly the same as the problems of the tenth edition. There are some new problems, but most are merely shuffled around. With some diligence you can find how the problems correspond between editions. In fact, some students last semester were kind enough to put the updated problem numbers in the comments for many solutions, so that should help you. Moreover I don't have a copy of the eleventh edition to work from.

Second the financial; I released this work into the public domain as a gift to the students of 363. I have paid for hosting this site for two years (so far), and I spent countless unpaid hours recording and editing the solutions. When I uploaded the last of the problems I considered my gift to you complete. In the spirit of reciprocity for my work I put a donation page on this site. Sadly, that donation page has gone unused for the last 3 semesters. That truth is disappointing for me; I never expected to get wealthy from your donations, but I hoped for some expression of gratitude from at least a small fraction of you. This isn't to say that my generosity has dried up--I'll continue to host the site in perpetuity--but that I've not been moved to put more time into content development.

That said, if there are problems that you really want to see done (which aren't already freely available here) you can buy my time in recording solutions, the going rate is $50/hour. Use the contact page to contact me and we will take it from there.

Have a great semester!

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